Chania – The town and its magic charm

During the centuries Minoans, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Venetians and Turks left their footprints in Chania turning the city into a real melting pot of architecture and cultures. In the old Harbour the Lighthouse (constructed by the end of the 16th century A.D.) resembling a minaret,the fortress of Firka with the Naval Museum, the Yali Tzami , the Neoria buildings, the labyrinthine pedestrian streets running in between the Venetian houses, they all contribute to the city’s unique identity. Each part of the Old Harbour of Chania is a timeless aesthetic and cultural standpoint determining the particular charm of this fortified city. The Old Town of Chania with the remains of Turkish baths, Mosques, Synagogue, Capuchin and Dominicans monasteries manages to combine the influence of Venetian, Arabic and Turkish culture of the past with the Greek reality of the present and the Cretan hospitality

Chania: A journey through the Old Town (Video)